Hi, glad you stopped by! This is bushel, a digital gardening application for when you don't want the structure of a blog.


Welcome to bushel, my little corner of the web. This place is my digital garden, I occasionally put stuff here as a kind of blog combined with a wiki.

This site has no search. It has no easy navigation, no sidebar, no nothing. That is by design. You have to find things here. You have to explore, and poke around, and search out what you're looking for.

This site is also a work in progress. There are a few unfinished bits to finish and new things to add. What's here is in a working state, just please bear with me as I slowly work on features.

Here's a couple links to get you started:

I also use this site for keeping the notes I take for various certifications:

If you want to check out some other neat sites you can find that here!